PFT-V | Puncher to drain petrol and diesel with visual control levels

  • Perforatore serbatoi per il prelievo di benzina e gasolio
  • Trapano perforatore per l'aspirazione di benzina dal serbatoio
  • Trapano perforatore per il prelievo di gasolio dal servatoio

Two control glaces to check the quality of the fuel – one for petrol and one for diesel; better and safer reuse of the fuel; pneumatic switch good or waste fuel; if you forget to use the switch, all fuel goes in tank with waste fuel.

  • Automatic switch on / off of the pumps
  • Fullfill all needs of ATEX regulation
  • Normal drill bit only for plastic tanks
  • New! – Also drill bit for steel tanks available
  • Handtool without swingarm or moving unit
  • Pumping volume up to 50 liters / minute
  • Integrated filters to safe the pumps
  • and the quality of the fuel.

Petrol drainage Air pump 50 l/min
Gasoil drainage Air pump 50 l/min
Petrol puncher Air drill 500 w
Gasoil puncher Air drill 500 w

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