ISC | Mobile drainage system with container

Pneumatic drainage system complete with container, CTN and ISK-NEW. Drainage system includes 4 pneumatic diaphragm pumps, including BRL arm for oil collection and PFT-MONO with 1 diaphragm pump and air drill.


Roll on-off body with two side doors, internal fixed ramp complete with anti-slip grids and a base for liquid containment. Dimensions: cm 665 x 245 x h 215

Console Pneumatic
Brakes oil drainage Air pump 11 gpm(UK)
Engine oil drainage Air pump 11 gpm(UK)
Gear box oil drainage Air pump 11 gpm(UK)
Windscreen wiper water drainage Air pump 11 gpm(UK)
Radiator’s water drainage Air pump 11 gpm(UK)
External tanks Driven by a processor
N° cycle / hour 6/10
Max working pressure 87 psi
Max flow 11 gpm(UK)
Weight 617.3 lb
Overall dimensions 39” x 25.6” x h. 53”

Petrol drainage Air pump 11 gpm(UK)
Récupération gas-oil Air pump 11 gpm(UK)
Puncher Air drill 0.67 hp

Drainage arm with basin Length 4 m - l 12
Tubes for drainage of brakes oil Tube and bellows made out of special rubber
Overall dimensions 1500 x 1600 x 1800 mm

Standard quipment

Adjustable suction pressure


  • SBG – Tank for petrol and diesel 250+250 lt.;
  • KSL – Visual and sound control kit for liquids and oils inside reservoirs with locking tanks;
  • Motor-compressor – Electrical Generator, 11 Hp Diesel Generator complete with an electric start;
  • Removable top cover;
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