IBE | Pneumatic drainage air system

5 liquids drainage, fuels and lift

Complete Fluid Drainage Air System made by : ISE Fluid Drainage System composed by 5 air pumps for each specific fluid, PFT composed by 2 air pumps and an air drill, pantographed lift PM-30 with BRL arm to drain engine oil, brakes and differential complete with tubes.


Fluid drainage system composed by 5 air pumps to drain 5 fluids

  • Antifreeze
  • Windscreen-wiper water
  • Engine oil
  • Brake oil
  • Radiator’s water / Gear box oil drainage / Shock absorber oil ( with PFA only)


Two control glaces to check the quality of the fuel – one for petrol and one for diesel; better and safer reuse of the fuel; pneumatic switch good or waste fuel; if you forget to use the switch, all fuel goes in tank with waste fuel.

  • Automatic switch on / off of the pumps
  • Fullfill all needs of ATEX regulation
  • Normal drill bit only for plastic tanks
  • New! – Also drill bit for steel tanks available
  • Handtool without swingarm or moving unit
  • Pumping volume up to 50 liters / minute
  • Integrated filters to safe the pumps
  • and the quality of the fuel.


Pantographed lift designed specifically for car demolition. It’s extremely strong and designed in compliance with EC directives. Projected particularly for the ELV drainage. Certificate Nr. TÜV IT 12 MAC 0024 Refers to the serial number PM30-PM120901.

Console Pneumatic
Brakes oil drainage Air pump 11 gpm(UK)
Engine oil drainage Air pump 11 gpm(UK)
Gear box oil drainage Air pump 11 gpm(UK)
Windscreen wiper water drainage Air pump 11 gpm(UK)
Radiator’s water drainage Air pump 11 gpm(UK)
External tanks Driven by a processor
N° cycle / hour 6/10
Max working pressure 87 psi
Max flow 11 gpm(UK)
Weight 617.3 lb
Overall dimensions 39” x 25.6” x h. 53”

Petrol drainage Air pump 50 l/min
Gasoil drainage Air pump 50 l/min
Petrol puncher Air drill 500 w
Gasoil puncher Air drill 500 w

Loading capacity 7 055 lb
Engine 4 hp/ 380 V
Max work pressure 2538 psi
Max flow 2.42 gpm(UK)
Up slope time 12 sec
Down slope time 28 sec
Overall dimensions 183” x 130” x h. 94.5”
Weight 3417 lb

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